House of Flamenca

Bigger, bolder, and sexier than ever, House of Flamenka returns to the Peacock due to phenomenal
demand. Created and directed by dance royalty Arlene Phillips (Grease, Guys and Dolls, Strictly
Come Dancing), and starring renowned flamenco dancer Karen Ruimy, this fusion of contemporary
dance, flamenco, passion, and high drama is the best night out this autumn!

Featuring an ensemble of internaJonally acclaimed male dancers, with an intoxicaJng mix of
contemporary pop, LaJn and flamenco music, this show will leave you dancing all the way home. A
gliLering set, lavish costumes, red-hot choreography and a soundtrack bursJng with drama and
emoJon combine to create the ulJmate night of theatre. Award-winning choreographer James
Cousins and flamenco master Francisco Hidalgo come together to choreograph this sexy and spicy

You are invited to the House of Flamenka, where hypermasculinity and high camp collide in the
sexiest, steamiest evening in London.

Directed and created by Arlene Philips
Produced and co-created by Karen Ruimy
Choreography by James Cousins
Flamenco Choreography by Francisco Hidalgo


18 Soho Square



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